Reduce Inflammation to Support Immunity

Could your patients be suffering from unresolved inflammation that’s compromising their immune systems? Many things weaken the immune system including chronic inflammation. One way to know is to test—not guess! Incorporating the EndFlame Omega-3 Index finger-stick blood test can help you determine the balance between unresolved inflammation and resolution that affects immunity.

Understanding Inflammation & Resolution

Inflammation works in two ways. We need it to fight infections and heal musculoskeletal injuries. However, unless it goes to complete Resolution, the initial injury will not completely heal, leaving low-grade often asymptomatic unresolved inflammation that wears down the immune system. Inflammation and Resolution are separate active pathways of a balanced inflammatory response.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

The key to managing inflammation and boosting immunity is using a personalized approach. An EndFlame Omega-3 Index test provides a personalized blood marker that enables you to determine which combination of Greens First® pro-resolution supplements to recommend to patients and what dosage is required to manage a patient’s inflammatory response for optimal wellness.

Complimentary Educational EndFlame Assessment

The EndFlame Omega-3 Index test is a diagnostic tool that’s supported in science with more than 200 studies and over 100 peer-reviewed journals including top institutions such as JAMA, Stanford University, and Harvard University.

You can experience the powerful benefits of an EndFlame Omega-3 Index test for yourself and use your results to decide if this protocol is a good fit for your in-office patients and/or your TeleHealth Outreach patients staying at home.   

The process is simple! Watch the YouTube video below, request the EndFlame Omega-3 Index test, sign an online HIPAA, and mail your sample to the lab. When your 3-page report comes back, it will be emailed to you. Additionally, you’ll be scheduled for a 30-minute phone consultation to go over your report.

Learn More About the EndFlame Omega-3 Index Test 

To sign up to receive your complimentary EndFlame Omega-3 Index test, click here or contact your account manager at 1.800.472.4221 for more information. 


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