Dr Fab Webinar Exclusive for MeyerDC

Webinar Invitation: How to Get New Patients with Little Effort with Dr. Fab Mancini

It’s the perennial question asked throughout the chiropractic profession – how do I get new patients? While there’s no one way to fill your practice with a hundred new patients, consistent engagement and interaction with your community has proven to help chiropractors across the nation. Dr. Fab Mancini, a world-renowned chiropractor and healthy living expert, is teaming up with DC Aligned and MeyerDC to bring you an informative, free webinar that gives you three new answers to the “how do I get new patients?” question.

Watch and listen for Dr. Fab’s personal invitation to our webinar!

Webinar details:

Tuesday, September 6th, 1-2 p.m. CST

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Why You Can’t Miss This Webinar – from Dr. Fab:

Most of us get into Chiropractic because we or someone we know had great results. We think that everyone would love Chiropractic because it works. Then we open our practice and it’s a whole different world. In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Fab Mancini shares the most effective way to attract new patients with little effort. He will discuss what keeps the public from becoming your patients and what are the solutions. It’s time you grew your practice and help your community be healthier with Chiropractic. Make sure you and your staff listen to this webinar. You will be glad you did.

What will you take away from this webinar:

How to regain your passion for what you do
How to communicate the value of Chiropractic effectively
How to attract the over 85% of your community not looking for a Chiropractor
The most effective way to grow your practice
How to leverage your products to help your patients get better results.

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