2019 Chiropractic Summit Meeting Recap

Palmer Chiropractic College Chancellor and CEO Dr. Dennis Marchiori, DC, Ph.D, discusses the upcoming 125th anniversary of Chiropractic celebration in Iowa.


The Chiropractic Summit was created in September 2007 in recognition of the profession’s desire for unity. The first Summit meeting, held in Washington, D.C., was comprised of 13 organizations. The Summit has some 40 members representing leadership from education, research, regulatory bodies, political action, practice management, chiropractic media and national associations.

This year the Chiropractic Summit included members from the organizations below:


Life West




Foot Levelers

Palmer West


Cleveland College of Chiropractic





Palmer Iowa


Life University



Clinical Compass

Breakthrough Coaching


The group met in Orlando during The National by FCA Conference to discuss the important topics facing the chiropractic profession.

Some of the topics included:

  • Medicare Legislation Updates
  • Portability of Licenses
  • CBD and Stem Cell injections
  • Public Safety and Public Trust
  • F4CP’s partnership with the NBCE to secure 2020 Summer Olympic commercials

Dr. Jay Greenstein talking about how and why we need to come together as a profession…and the implications for our future if we don’t.

While we may agree to disagree around many aspects of our personal/professional philosophy and chosen treatment methods…

we MUST find some common ground that we can all agree on

as Chiropractors and Healthcare professionals.

Even if it’s just a few simple concepts that we can all agree on, such as:

  • Posture and alignment
  • Natural solutions and therapeutic options
  • Removing outside interference (toxins, biomechanical issues, etc) allowing the body to heal and thrive
  • ALL forms of manual therapy (Chiropractic means done by hands)
  • Look at the body as a whole…and all decisions that affect it: sleeping, eating, exercise, thoughts, etc.

Dr. Heidi Haavik discussing Current Research and Its Impact on the Future of Chiropractic




Dr. Jay talking about the accomplishments of the Clinical Compass Group (below links) and the importance of research to validate and quantify what we do…


CCGPP and Coalition ensure Chiropractic Services Are Covered


Clinical Compass Person Of the Year


It is the goal of the Chiropractic Summit to work on the following critical issues:

  1. National Health Care Reform/Medicare Reform & DoD/VA/PHSC
  2. Doctor Practice Satisfaction & Self Esteem
  3. Profession wide collaboration, grassroots mobilization and self-regulation.
  4. Reimbursement/Anti-discrimination
  5. Public Relations – telling the chiropractic story and promoting the brand (competition and cultural authority)
  6. Another major focus of the Summit has been to improve practitioner documentation quality and compliance particularly within the Medicare system. The Summit Documentation Committee serves as a resource for the profession in providing accurate and timely information by publishing periodic topic-specific articles on proper documentation.

One voice. One message. Securing a better future.

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