ACA Medicare Petition

ACA Petition – Ask for Medicare Equality

#MedicareEquality: The ACA Petition to White House and Members of Congress for Increased Chiropractic Services for Seniors

Want to lend your support? Visit the ACA’s page today to sign the petition.

Seniors need our help, now – the ACA has created a petition that will demand Medicare increases for chiropractic care. Currently, seniors on Medicare health plans are being denied full access to Medicare-covered services that could help improve quality of life, decrease chronic pain and help Americans practice healthy aging. There is an antiquated statute that discriminates against Medicare’s chiropractic patients, and the ACA is asking you to lend your voice and help get the statute updated so senior patients are eligible for the care they need and deserve.

Should you need help at any time, please with questions about the petition and what you can do.