The Patriot Project

The Patriot Project: Bringing Chiropractic Care to Veterans

They sacrifice. We support. It’s as simple as that. We have all read, heard and for some, experienced first-hand the alarming statistics: for every active-duty service member who dies in battle, 25 veterans die by suicide. Those who fight our wars are subjected to anti-depressants, pain medicines, and anti-psychotics instead of actual well care. The government spends over $300 million per year on psychiatric drugs and calls this “therapy.”

We know better. We know the benefits of conservative chiropractic care to help to heal our warriors and improve their performance at the same time reducing their pain and effectively diminishing the need for dependency on prescription drugs. We know the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care will save the Pentagon billions in wasted pharmaceuticals that ignore the health of the whole person. We know chiropractic saves lives.

-Dr. Tim Novelli, DC and Founder of The Patriot Project, The Patriot Project (The American Chiropractor)

Dr. Novelli started The Patriot Project after learning about the lack of chiropractic care sought out by veterans and their families. Even though chiropractic visits are included in military health benefits, active and veteran service people do not typically know these services are readily available. By forming this non-profit, Dr. Novelli is committed to building a USO-tour type service where chiropractors across the nation can visit military bases and provide services for active members and their families. Right now, Dr. Novelli is calling on chiropractors to sign up, join the movement and submit patient testimonials so the case for chiropractic care and veterans can be built for congressional support.

Want to donate your time and services? Click here to sign up to be a part of The Patriot Project. Dr. Novelli is asking that active Patriot Project chiropractors see at least 1 military member a week and provide free services.

Dr. Novelli’s article, “The Patriot Project,” recently appeared in The American Chiropractor – click here to read the entire article.

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