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Dreamweaver International & Gear for Goals Overview

Dreamweaver – Helping the Needy Become Needed

Dr. Warren Bruhl is a successful chiropractor and advocate for both Dreamweaver International and Gear for Goals, two non-profit charities that work with the Killimanjaro Mission Hospital. Dr. Bruhl provides chiropractic care and fitness knowledge to those without the means for soccer or baseballs. Watch the video below to learn more about the organization. 

 Since 1990 Dreamweaver has addressed the dire circumstances of thousands around the world discovering the alleviation of poverty is most effective when an emphasis is placed on creating opportunity.  In many places where poverty strangles hope, there are less resources and even fewer opportunities for people to use their God given talents and gifts.  Everyone in the world wants to be needed and valued and yet this is usually not the case for the poor.  They are cast out and sometimes considered useless.  Dreamweaver recognizes the key to end poverty is to begin the discussion with, “how can we make everyone be needed?”  If our aim is making people feel valued and giving them a way to lift themselves out of poverty, our success is inevitable.  

 Dreamweaver addresses opportunity creation in three areas 




 In each area, Dreamweaver has very specific projects aimed at creating sustainable change in communities to end poverty.  Dreamweaver has many ways you can partner with our organization including:

 1.  Volunteering – as a teacher, coach, doctor/nurse, youth mentor, support for women in poverty or an intern. 

2.  Fund raising – through purchase of our One Gives One soccer and baseballs, fun runs and events using Razoo and other special events. 

 All gifts provided are used for the direct care of people who need it.   No directors or agents of Dreamweaver receive any compensation for work.  Our team is a 100% volunteer group.  All gifts are also tax deductible through the 501c3 program.  

 Gifts donations can be made online by visiting: www.dreamweaver911.org – for information about Gear for Goals visit here

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