Dr Fab Mancini and MeyerDC Partnership

A Day with Dr. Fab Mancini at FCA National

Dr. Fab leading a conga line of DCs and CA’s to the MeyerDC booth in style 

Sponsoring Dr. Fab Mancini at FCA National has been inspiring and fun – from the first presentation this morning, where Dr. Mancini presented SSgt. Shilo Harris with an award for chiropractic advocacy and Harris was met with a standing ovation – to this afternoon in a pop-in session with Lori Allen, CA expert, where Dr. Fab gave a surprised room of new CAs invaluable advice about how to build value for yourself in your practice. Wherever Dr. Fab goes he is met with hugs, hellos and admiration. It is clear that he is a magnetic presence and full of wisdom he shares easily with whoever he is in conversation with.

Part of Dr. Fab’s sponsorship with MeyerDC is built on a free copy of his latest bestseller, The Power of Self-Healing. If you visited our booth this weekend (and were part of the lucky 100 who received a physical copy!), Dr. Fab made sure that he gave you a book or were signed up to receive one post-show. We believe that educating yourself, your staff, and your patient base about the power of self-healing will positively spread the message of chiropractic and grow the business. If you are looking to retail or use the books as marketing tools in your practice, you can purchase paperback or hardcover cases from MeyerDC at doctor’s only pricing.

Dr Fab Mancini Book Signing FCA National

Dr. Fab Mancini signing books in the booth

Lori Allen and Dr. Fab Mancini

Dr. Fab and Lori Allen together with a class full of CAs. 

It was wonderful working with Dr. Fab and we thank him for partnering with us at the National FCA – what a great experience for all!

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