Dr Rob Silverman Interview FCA

Q&A with Dr. Rob Silverman

Dr. Rob Silverman is a force in the sports chiropractic and nutrition world. He’s a DC who utilizes cutting-edge technology to help patients move and feel better. Named Chiropractor of the Year by the ACASC in 2015, we’re proud to host articles by DC Aligned Editorial Contributor Dr. Silverman. To catch up on articles and videos shared by Dr. Silverman, click here.

We got a chance to catch up with Dr. Silverman at the MeyerDC booth. Not only is his latest book, Inside-Out Health, on the Amazon bestsellers list, but he’s also a featured speaker today at the show. Strategic Education Director Dr. John Pecora talked to Dr. Silverman at the MeyerDC booth – watch the interview below!

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