FCA National MeyerDC Booth Preview

Sneak Peek: Our Booth at FCA The National

What can you find at the MeyerDC booth this year? We’re highlighting a variety of popular and new chiropractic products, including kinesiology tape, soft tissue mobilization, active recovery and non-invasive pain relief. Our spotlight vendors are producing some of the most exciting new products in the industry and our booth is set up for you to try out almost everything we have to offer.

So watch the video below to see exactly how to get to booth #917 and ask a MeyerDC rep for a tour of our booth – there will be new and familiar products we’d like to show you. See you this weekend!

Chiropractic Trade Show FCA National

Welcome to The National FCA…we’re glad you could make it! 

MeyerDC Booth at FCA National 2016

MeyerDC is located at booth space #917…but how do you find us?

We’re glad you asked – watch this video and come see us in the exhibitor’s hall!

Sneak peek of spotlight vendors

HyperIce Foam Rollers

HyperIce – are you familiar with the breakout recovery brand? The team at HyperIce innovates recovery products used by elite athletes and desk jockeys alike. We’re proud to distribute some of the most exciting myofascial release products on the market, including a vibrating foam roller, massage ball and soft tissue percussion device. All items are available for testing and purchase in the MeyerDC booth – if you’ve never tried a vibrating foam roller before but are curious, now’s your chance!

Graston Technique Soft Tissue Mobilization

Graston Technique – the leaders in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) are an exclusive partner of MeyerDC. If you’ve considered getting M1 or M2 certified so you can practice with Graston instruments in your office, stop over at our booth, feel the instruments for yourself and attend a demo session from a certified GT provider.

NormaTec Dynamic Compression

NormaTec – sure, this is an anti-gravity chair, but when you lie back in one of these with the dynamic NormaTec compression boots for a free 10-minute session, you’ll feel a world of a difference. No more muscle soreness, no tired feet post-flight, the NormaTec pneumatic compression boots squeeze your legs and feet in distinct zones, flushing out the waste and restoring movement and pain relief. If you’ve made your way to The National FCA by flight, you have to stop by our booth and try them out.

See you on the show floor!

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