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Circle of Docs Product Review: Glukos Energy Supplements

Most Doctors of Chiropractic are fit individuals. Some even venture into the multi-sport realms of swim, bike run; while many doctors care for these type of endurance athletes. A product that has recently made a splash in the multi-sport world that is now crossing over to the more traditional sports of football, golf and crossfit is called GLUKOS.

If you’re interested in expanding your retail selection but don’t have a nutritional background, GLUKOS is a great product to start with. Even if your patient base isn’t comprised of athletic individuals, those who work long shifts (construction, the service industry) and spend a lot of time on their feet can benefit greatly from these fructose-free energy supplements. Learn more about GLUKOS and what sets it apart when it comes to health and performance. These energy supplements are a great substitute for drugstore competitors that commonly offer little to no real benefits.

What is GLUKOS?

GLUKOS is an energy food line comprised of glucose-based products. Besides having to expend energy to convert other carbohydrates to glucose, the conversion process also creates triglycerides (“bad” fat) and lactic acid —yes, the same lactic acid that makes your legs burn. Because of that, GLUKOS doesn’t contain any sucrose or fructose, including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which many sports products contain. Company owner and creator Mark Jensen claims that about half of athletes are actually sensitive to HFCS, which contributes to GI distress when it’s consumed during competition.

The complete GLUKOS line features drinks, gels, powders, tablets, gummies, and bars.

What makes it special?

GLUKOS is made with glucose—the form of energy used by all life on earth, and the only energy your body can really use. The more strenuous the activity, the more glucose your body requires. GLUKOS gives your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best.

Unlike other sports products, GLUKOS provides almost instant energy. It passes through the cell wall of your mouth where it enters directly into the bloodstream.

Natural Glucose Energy Supplement

How does it taste?

We had the chance to taste test the fruit punch, lemon and orange drinks, and gummies. None of the products were overly sweet, ( like some of the other energy bars/gels) or had an overbearing aftertaste.

Pro’s: Quick energy in many forms ( powder, bar, fizz, and liquid).   Travels well and taste is very pleasant.   We also noticed that we did not get the normal upset stomach after consuming GLUKOS.

Con’s: Currently, GLUKOS is only available in a few smaller areas. Luckily, our friends at Meyer DC have secured stock for the Chiropractic profession.

Score: 4.6 stars out of 5.

Company Background:

The company got its start when Mark Jensen, an Ironman competitor and former elite runner, started asking athletes what they wanted out of their sports nutrition. “They told me, ‘Just give me an oral IV,’” he says, referring to the bags used to replenish fluids and fuel intravenously as quickly as possible. Because glucose is the only carbohydrate energy source that your body can use—the body converts all other carbohydrates, like sucrose and fructose, into glucose—the IV bags given to athletes in the medical tent after an event typically contain simply water, electrolytes, and glucose. In this way, they provide energy that the body can use immediately, without having to convert it.

As evidence for the effectiveness of a glucose-based nutrition line, GLUKOS cites a study conducted at Kansas State University comparing the effects of glucose, fructose, and sucrose on subjects energy levels while sedentary. The study found that two hours after consumption, people who used glucose had higher energy than when they began, while people who used fructose and sucrose had lower energy levels (see above chart).

Another study conducted looks at how GLUKOS can be utilized by diabetics active in sports and exercise. Click here to access the study and see if it can be a resource for some of your diabetic patients.

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