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Circle of Docs Product Review: MammaGard

Not all patients are the same. A skilled doctor knows how to modify clinical techniques to match the needs of special populations. Just as children and the elderly should be approached with greater care, another class of patients presents a clinical challenge.

Unfortunately, when you lay the majority of your female clients prone, you cause discomfort and pain to their breast structures. In some instances this positioning may potentially hurt them. For those patients with altered breast structures, you could actually be causing damage. And as a manual therapist, your primary objective is to do no harm.

Preventing pain is crucial to good case management and the care of your patients. During both short- and long- term duration techniques, therapeutic outcomes and results are best if the patient does not experience discomfort as a result.

For those of you who don’t know, the MammaGard™  breast orthotic device is scientifically proven to provide support and comfort to women with breast implants, reconstructed breasts and abnormal variations of breast structure. As the first of its kind, MammaGard™ addresses the discomfort and anxiety women in these patient groups experience when lying on their front, when receiving treatment or in other daily living situations.

An astonishing 5-10 million women worldwide are estimated to have breast implants. Despite advanced surgical techniques and implant structure, it is estimated that 20% of these women need to have their implants removed or revised within 10 years.

When women with prosthetic breast implants lie on their front the human tissue surrounding the implant is potentially damaged and can cause these women discomfort and pain.

Founder of MammaGard™, Dr. Paul Evans, explains that many women are suffering in silence in regards to this problem.

“Many women who undergo mastectomy, reconstruction and augmentation, as well as many ‘natural’ breasted women are unable to lay on their front. Through the use of this device we aim to give women the opportunity to lie on their front comfortably without pain and with a reduced loading of their breast structures.”

Want to know more about Dr. Paul Evans and the science behind MammaGard? Click here to read his interview and to access research.

Pro’s: The MammaGard breast orthotic comes in a variety of sizes and densities for a wide variety of users. The product is unobtrusive and easy to use orthotic that takes literally no time to put down on the table prior to the patient laying down for care.

Con’s: When trying to fit patients for their size and density it will take the doctor a few times to estimate the correct size for the patient. We didn’t find this to be a major hurdle, but there is a small learning curve in the process.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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