National Chiropractic Month ACA

National Chiropractic Health Month is About Supporting You

At MeyerDC, we are passionate about helping you so you can in turn help your patients to lead healthier, pain-free lives. The ACA is focusing on all-natural, holistic pain management solutions for this year’s National Chiropractic Health Month. We’re also a true advocate for the more holistic approach to health and wellness that DCs practice – so we asked a few of our team members the question: “Why do you support chiropractic?” Here are their answers below:

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Many of MeyerDC’s team members have personal experiences with chiropractic healing, and so to celebrate National Chiropractic Health Month we wanted to say thank you to all of the DCs who have helped us stand taller, move without pain, lead healthier lives and practice wellness every day. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you and serve you and your community!

Interested in celebrating National Chiropractic Health Month in your clinic? The ACA has put together a complete toolkit of resources – check them out here.

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