Pulsed Energy Replenisher PER2000

Speed Patient Healing & Generate More Revenue with the Revolutionary PER 2000

Imagine a way to target and enhance healing of damaged cells in patients – a way to reduce pain and inflammation, regardless of whether your patients are suffering from bone or soft-tissue problems. Imagine a way to help these patients heal more quickly, enjoy greater range of motion and get back in the game faster. The good news is that such technology already exists – and we’re not talking about electric stim, ultrasound or even laser therapy. It’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) PER2000, a cutting-edge technology that pulses a healing magnetic field directly to injured tissue in the body to stimulate cellular repair and speed up the healing process.

Helping Patients of Any Age and with Nearly Any Injury

A growing number of sports chiropractors and other doctors around the globe are embracing PEMFT as more peer-reviewed research confirms its benefits. Take Dr. Eric Blum, a chiropractor in Thousand Oaks, Calif., for example. He’s owned a PEMF device – the Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 (PER 2000) – for three years with results that are nothing short of remarkable.

“I have a pro golfer on tour who broke his wrist,” Blum said recently. “After two months with the machine and supplements, he was back on tour golfing again.” Blum’s patients include pro-baseball players, Olympic swimmers and other high-level athletes but also “high school kids and great grandmas,” according to Blum. The PER 2000, he says, can help people at any age, at any fitness level and with nearly any injury – rotator cuff, shoulder, meniscus, wrist, elbow, ankle, foot issues and more. The PER 2000 has even helped patients with migraines, Sever’s disease and post-op pain.

The PER 2000 Re-energizes Damaged Cells, Boosts Circulation

The positive results are no surprise to Josh Silver, founder and CEO of Pulsed Energy Technologies in North Hollywood, Calif. He introduced Blum and many other doctors to the PER 2000, which he sees as a near panacea. “The body wants to heal,” Silver said. “And pulsed energy is a way to restore energy at the cellular level. It goes right to the injury.” The PER 2000 re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical charges within the cell and restoring health. In the process, cellular metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated and circulation is improved. The PER 2000 is a great tool for sports chiropractors and doctors with patients who want to heal as quickly as possible, Blum says.

So How Do You Use the Device?

The clinical model of the PER 2000 is roughly the size of a mini fridge. Attached to the unit is a coil applicator that patients simply place against the injured part of their body. The applicator emits electromagnetic waves that target injured cells, causing patients to feel what they’ve described as “a mini massage” or “waves of energy.” When the loop applicator is applied to healthy, undamaged tissue, the patient feels virtually nothing. Silver says the PER 2000 “restores homeostasis to the body.” It can help high-energy people relax and it gives fatigued patients more energy. After a session with the PER 2000, for example, “a jet-legged person will feel like a million bucks,” says Silver. Patients typically require two or three sessions of 10-30 minutes each.

A Tool That Pays for Itself

Dr. Blum describes PEMFT as an important tool on the tool belt. “You’ve got to do the adjustment, you need to do the muscle work and taping and whatever else you do. But when you get the better results [with the PER 2000], people are happy and they refer. You’re getting more patients because of this. It pays for itself.”

Try It for Free

You can experience the benefits of the PER 2000 firsthand – and free of charge. Ask your MeyerDC sales rep about trying out a demo unit. We will even ship it to you for free. For full terms and details of the demo program, reach out to our Capital Equipment team today.

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