Hyperice RAPTOR Soft Tissue Percussion Device

The RAPTOR: Helps Patients and Saves Your Most Valuable Tool…Your Hands

Anthony Katz and the HyperIce team continue to raise the bar with their latest therapeutic innovation The Raptor.

HyperIce RAPTOR Soft Tissue Percussion Device

“The RAPTOR is setting a new standard in the training room for more therapeutic and efficient treatment in a shorter period of time,” said Los Angeles Lakers Head Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti. “Because the RAPTOR is more effective than the other percussion tools I’ve used, I’m able to see more athletes/patients, provide high quality, therapeutic benefits and, most of all, focus on really diving into muscular issues with renewed hand strength. I use it every day on our athletes; it’s a game changer.”

The Raptor’s rapid mechanical percussions penetrate several layers of muscle with up to 3600 percussions per minute.The device is compact, powerful and has 4 easily-interchanged applicators that are suitable for hundreds of protocols.

The Raptor does not replace the benefits of direct human touch and deep tissue massage, but instead allows you to treat more patients with renewed hand strength.

As a clinician, I love it because it’s powerful, easy to use and it saves my hands.

My patients and athletes love it because it’s extremely comfortable and helps them recover and feel better, faster.

-John Pecora, DC & Strategic Education Director for MeyerDC.

Want to try the Raptor for yourself? Stop by the MeyerDC booth at Parker seminars and feel the benefits.

Click here to witness the Raptor in action. 

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Click to access the RAPTOR Training Manual

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