Dr. Raj Gupta


The creator, developer, and founder of Soul Focus, Dr. Gupta is passionate about his purpose to help as many people as possible avoid unnecessary prescription medication and surgery using diet, exercise, and the Soul Focus Wellness Center he created. After obtaining a business marketing degree from Drexel University, Dr. Gupta attended Life Chiropractic College and then returned to the area in which he was raised to serve the community he grew up in. Dr. Gupta believes that overall health comes from equal management of diet, rest, exercise, both mechanical and mental stability, and maintenance.

I chose chiropractic because:

I never intended on becoming a Chiropractor. In fact, as I approached graduation from college, I had a job already lined up at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Drexel’s 5 year undergraduate degree was designed for students to go to school for 6 months and work for 6 months each year, so I was graduating with a full resume and was ready for life in the business world. When in high school, I suffered from frequent and severe migraine headaches that were debilitating and would put me down for the entire day. I was getting these headaches three times a week! I had seen every doctor under the sun, had CAT scans, and every test know to man. No one was able to help me or tell me why I was getting the headaches. Finally, friends of the family who were husband and wife chiropractors convinced me to come in for an examination. With treatment, I obtained full resolution from the debilitating headaches and was able to live my life again. Though I was thankful, I never considered becoming a chiropractor. Then, two months before graduating college, I was playing tennis and suffered an awful ankle injury. It was diagnosed as a severe sprain and left me on crutches for 4–6 weeks. After 4 or 5 weeks, it wasn’t much better, and I still wasn’t able to put pressure on the foot. While visiting at home for the weekend, I went to the chiropractor for a tune up and was asked about my ankle. After examining and working on the injury, I was able to stand on my own two feet and left my crutches in their office. Later that night, while having dinner with my parents, I confessed to them my desire to become a Chiropractor. They offered their support, and the rest is history. I am thankful that I found my calling. I believe that I was born to be a Chiropractor, and those patients suffering with headaches and migraines have a friend in Dr. R.

I’m on a mission to:

Make people realize that there is no such thing as “normal” pain. The person who thinks that his left knee pain is there just because he is getting older has no response when I ask him how old his right knee (that has no pain) is. If life were a light on a dimmer switch, I believe that most people are living their lives only half lit! The worst part is that they don’t realize that their room, and their entire world, can be FULLY illuminated. They are living in the dark and think that is all that life has to offer. You should wake up without the need of an alarm clock, feeling refreshed, have no pain, and be ready for the day ahead of you. It is not until you DO feel this way that you remember that it is the way that you are SUPPOSED to feel.

One thing you should know about me is:

That I was fat, out of shape, and unhealthy. I became a Chiropractor in 1996. In 2000, my cholesterol was 200, and my triglycerides were 230. I was 5’8 and 215 pounds. I had daily aches and pains, was lethargic, fatigued, and had little to no energy. I was tired all the time, was unhealthy, and NOT practicing what I preached to my patients. Then, in 2006, I reached a breaking point when I knew that I needed to make a change. I lost 50 pounds and my cholesterol dropped from 200 to 142, and my triglycerides plummeted from 230 to 61. I now have boundless energy. I have more mental focus and clarity. I wake up without an alarm ,and I have NO daily aches and pains. I now take pride in practicing what I preach and helping others do exactly what I did . . . change their lives for the better. If I could do it, then so can you.

I am passionate about:

Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adjustments, and Maintaining a positive mental attitude (DREAM).

I founded the Soul Focus Wellness Center because:

I wanted to provide an oasis for people to come in and immediately lose their stress. From the moment you walk through the doors and hear the running water of the fountains, the easy sounds of nature, and spa music, you start to unwind. Prior to Soul Focus, I was only able to help patients with their pain and would then have to direct them somewhere else for nutritional counseling or to a gym to work out at. Now, with a gym, nutritionist, massage therapists, and personal trainers all under one roof joining our team of doctors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists, we are able to provide more services with better supervision and help more people reach their fitness and wellness goals.

It’s my goal to:

Get people out of pain, get them off their “keisters,” working out, eating right, and getting them healthy.

In my spare time:

I enjoy playing tennis, working out, going to the beach, and being a kid with my three little girls.