Dr. Steve Smith

DC, RRCA certified Running Coach

Dr. Smith has been in practice for 39 years, working with runners, athletes and sore spines. He has been a runner since 1970 and continues to run half and full marathons.

His training programs have been used to train thousands of runners over the last two decades, and his book, “Run Healthy Run Strong,” has been widely used by runners, coaches and running teams. Dr. Smith has delivered many lectures on running injuries and injury prevention.

He has served as Team Chiropractor for:

  • Leukemia Team in training (65 teams)
  • Alpha Run Club
  • Aids Project LA
  • Dog Haus Run Club
  • Pasadena Triathlon Club
  • Team Run With Us
  • Team World Vision
  • La Police academy Womens Baker to Vegas team (6 seasons),
  • LAUSD/LAPD Crime Lab Baker to Vegas team (5 seasons),
  • Crewed for the Angeles Crest 100 (3 seasons)
  • Chiropractor for John Radich on his epic run across the USA.

Dr. Smith has hosted the Chiropractic first aid tent at the LA Marathon twenty-mile cheer station for the last 22 years, helping to train Chiropractors, trainers and massage therapists in the treatment of running injuries.

He is the founder and president of the board of the Pacers Nation running clubs and has started eight clubs in California, England and Argentina.

www.runpacers.org | www.pasadenapacers.org