Dr. Ti Pence


Dr. Ti serves as a full-time clinician at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose, California. After graduating from Palmer West in 2006 and earning the prestigious Virgil Strang Philosophy Award, Dr. Ti went on to train with some of the most esteemed extremity adjusters in the chiropractic profession (e.g., Dr. Dan McClure, and Dr. Mark Charette).

Dr. Ti is a Diversified practitioner who has spent time in Susono, Japan, working alongside a spine surgeon in an orthopaedic spine clinic. Dr Ti enjoys spending time training in the martial arts, especially Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, and Mui Thai Kick-boxing; he is currently working toward his black belt in Krav Maga. As part of his martial arts training, Dr. Ti also completed a four-year medical qigong program in the United States and in China. Through these disciplines’ teachings, Dr. Ti aims to instill confidence, self-discipline, and continuous self-growth in his student interns to continually improve the quality of future chiropractors.