Dr Steve Frischman Chiropractor Mangasphere

Steve Frischman

C.T.N, C.M.T, Director of Magneceutical Health

According to Steve Frischman, he has spent half of his life healing from sports injuries he sustained as a high school and college athlete and the other half, helping others heal from their various injuries and illnesses. 

As the first practitioner to graduate Magneceutical University and then the first to use a Magnesphere in private practice, Steve has since treated almost 2000 people in the Magnesphere that includes patients such as; professional athletes with acute/chronic injuries and concussions, wounded Veterans suffering from PTSD and people from all walks of life, suffering from a wide range of conditions presenting pain, stiffness, inflammation, stress, sleep and behavioral issues. 

Steve has been directly responsible for the implementation of every Magnesphere device in clinics across the USA, Canada and over-seas; educating doctors and other healthcare practitioners on the peer reviewed,clinical science and commercial feasability of the Magnesphere and the correlation between its low level magnetic fields and the Autonomic Nervous System and its importance in the natural treatment of stress, illness, injury and behavior.