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Dr. Robert “Skip” George


Robert “Skip” George, D.C. has practiced chiropractic in San Diego and La Jolla, CA since 1980.  He is one of the handful of chiropractic doctors nationally that integrates chiropractic, rehabilitation and sports performance training.  He holds specialties as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Postural Restoration Certified (PRC).  In addition, he is trained in Active Release Technique (ART), certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) as well as being a former instructor for the FMS. One of his purposes has been to continually add “tools” to his tool belt to improve patient outcomes utilizing the latest approaches available in sports medicine. 

One of the most dynamic and state-of-the-art approaches available today is through the Postural Restoration Institute or PRI. In 2014, Dr. George was the first chiropractic doctor to become Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) with the Postural Restoration Institute.  His practice centers around the PRI approach to structure, position, posture and balanced function.  One of the main premises of PRI is that restoring function and balance requires a foundation that provides normal function and position of the diaphragm and its relationship to the ribcage, spine and continuing with the rest of the skeletal structure. The diaphragm is fundamental and restoring proper breathing with alignment is critical for effective treatment outcomes.  The success of most treatments, including chiropractic, will be inhibited without addressing this most important muscle of the body and how it dictates normal spinal position, posture and function. Dr. George will be a faculty member for the Postural Restoration Institute in 2016.  He has lectured nationally for several years on topics ranging from sports injuries, concussion, the Functional Movement Screen and PRI.  He has also written numerous articles on sport performance and rehabilitation. 

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