James Bowen

James Morgan Bowen, J.D.

JD, Educator, Speaker, Writer, Consultant

James Bowen is known by hundreds of business owners as the “Tax Coach” but ask them what he actually does and the answers vary widely. Some clients speak of his analytical skills and his great understanding of people, while others are excited to learn the business side of their clinic and signi­ficantly reduce tax liabilities, but all clients feel happier and more successful. But just who is he and what does he do?

Combine the skills of a JD, an MBA and a CPA. Visit hundreds of healthcare clinics and analyze every aspect of the business and business owner. Mix in passion and integrity. Add the talent to cut through distractions, understand personality types, while revealing and clarifying life goals and you will start to understand how Jim is able to put clinics on track to higher profitability. Clients say he can solve any problem with objective, yet compassionate, advice. They report $20,000 + tax refunds, a doubling of clinic revenues and a reignited passion for the profession. Truly revealing, though, are the rave reviews he receives (www.bowen.us). One after another after another.

James Bowen, J.D., combines 25-year background of legal, business and tax consulting experience to teach clinic owners to operate more efficiently, legally and profitably. His work with 250+ clinics (and their tax returns) has resulted in an unique ability to quickly analyze the Doc, the staff and the clinic and prescribe changes that increase profitability and reduce income tax liability:

“Reducing taxes, increasing clinic revenues, solving problems…that is what I do. However, we all exist in our self-created reality, which prevents us from achieving our goals. My gift, my passion and my focus is to provide clients with a life-changing peek at another, more satisfying, more profitable reality. When I see the look in their eyes that change for them is obtainable, I feel seven miles high because I know the process has begun.”

Uniquely focused on intensive, specialized educational experiences for health care professionals.

  • Delivered over 120 speaking engagements in 14 States.
  • Radio appearances.
  • Webinar interviews.
  • Organized over 30 full-day, multi-speaker seminar/workshops.
  • Written multiple articles in professional periodicals on topics as varied as tax, legal compliance, health care, practice management.
  • Consulting. Helping. Educating.
  • Extensive, on-site practice evaluations.
  • Coordination with and advice to State Associations, Trusts and non-profit groups.
  • Associations with attorneys, accountants and health care professionals.
  • Considered one of the Nation’s top small business healthcare consultants and most entertaining speaker