Dr Beau Pierce Circle of Docs Chiropractor

Dr. Beau Pierce

Doctor of Chiropractic, Founder of Circle of Docs

In 2009 Beau Pierce, a 4th year Palmer West student, created a simple website that provided a means for him and his friends to share class notes online. Popularity exploded as there was no existing medium for this type of online interaction which proved to be useful in preparing for exams.

Shortly after graduation Dr. Pierce made the decision to put more time and energy into his website after observing how members proactively evolved the site based on their needs. He refocused his efforts and transitioned the site to CircleOfDocs.com.

He underestimated the thirst there was in the marketplace for a digital community platform that also offered a critical content arena for Chiropractic. The first circleofdocs.com platform became so popular so quickly that it overstressed the servers and caused the site to crash. What started as a small side venture turned into a force of nature within the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Pierce recognized that he needed a partner with strong business experience and a deep understanding of the chiropractic profession. He approached Dr. Patrick Gentempo with the COD vision. After analyzing the data from version 1 and getting into a deep assessment of the possibilities, Dr. Gentempo joined forces with Dr. Pierce and took the position of Chairman to help guide version 2 of the COD platform. A much more robust and expanded version of the previous iteration, into reality.

The combination of Dr. Pierce’s uncanny sense of community building and content distribution coupled with Dr. Gentempo’s uncontested preeminence as a chiropractor and business leader translates into a tour de force that will elevate the future of Chiropractic.

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