Iced Author Gary Reinl

Gary Reinl

Author of ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option, Director Pro Teams @ H-Wave & MARC PRO, Status Quo Challenger, Strength Building Expert, Marathoner, Gym Lover

Gary Reinl has spent nearly forty years in the sports-medicine field, with diverse experiences ranging from training professional athletes to pioneering the field of strength-building for women during the pregnancy year to developing rehabilitation programs for injured workers.
Additionally, his ground-breaking senior strength-building protocol has now been implemented in more than 1,000 senior living facilities. Gary has authored two previous books, Making Mama Fit [Leisure Press, 1983] and the 2007 “fat loss” book Get Stronger, Feel Younger [Rodale Press].
Gary lives in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife, Susan. He has two grown children, Mandy and Casey, and three grandchildren, Harper, Hendrick, and Eleuthera.

For more information about Gary, visit his LinkedIn Profile.

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