Katie Sullivan HJ Ross Company Chiropractic Billing Experts

Katie Sullivan

B.A, M.P.A, HJ Ross Company - Chiropractic Coding Experts

An avid chiropractic patient and enthusiast, Katie has spent nearly a decade working on the business end of the chiropractic profession. Her graduate education in Public Administration & Policy and real-world business development experience have made her uniquely qualified to assist chiropractors and staff run the business management side of practice. Katie has managed the overall operations of the HJ Ross Company for years, and is the force behind the planning and presenting of the 100+ live seminars HJR hosts nationwide each year, organizing countless webinars, and developing important tools for the profession like the Digital Coding platform that is currently making impactful change to the way practices gather their billing and coding information.

When asked about her approach to running a 40 year old institution in the chiropractic profession like HJ Ross she stated “HJ Ross and our affiliate operations work with tens-of-thousands of doctors each year, and I try to listen to the needs and requests of each and then take it from there to bring them quality, ethical, affordable, and value-add resources. Like most doctors, my educational background did not teach me to be an expert biller and coder, so we hired the best in the business at HJ Ross to compile that information for you, and then I approach it with my “everyman” eyes to filter the complexities of it into the fresh and easy to understand content our clients count on us for.”

Contributed articles:

ICD-10 Coding of Strain and Sprains and Proper Use of A, D and S Extensions