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October 23, 2019 - October 25, 2019

The Clinical Outcomes Summit

Clinical Outcomes Summit- Highlight Speaker: Daniel Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health

Written by Selena Horner

What do Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Intuit have in common? An innovative healthcare delivery model. Daniel Lord, the Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, assists these self-insured employers in providing health care on-site (or very near site). The Crossover Health vision changes a provider’s behavior. Although the providers do not deal with insurance companies, they are paid based on outcomes and patient experience. The integrated model of care encourages real collaboration between providers. Is the care better?

The team is excited to bring Daniel Lord to the center stage to share his expertise in outcomes management. Crossover Health’s care model requires the collaborative team to view the patient as their North Star. Payment is heavily weighted on delivering outcomes and patient satisfaction. Learn ways to use your data to demonstrate the value of your care.

Fly into Knoxville, Tennessee for the Clinical Outcomes Summit! Enjoy a few Southern fall days from October 23rd through the 25th. This is not just for FOTO clients; this program is designed for every clinician and leader who believes that the power of outcomes management will drive change for patients, clinicians, practices, and payers.

Although the summit is packed with learning opportunities from a variety of speakers, the summit is also designed to be memorable. Because this summit is laser focused on managing clinical outcomes, participants will meet and interact with others who have similar needs, struggles and passion. Southern hospitality is at its finest as you enjoy mingling during the welcome reception, a group luncheon and a picnic lunch. There is also talk of an evening “fun run.”

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Rehab therapy pros are gathering to celebrate, examine, and redefine outcomes management.




Dive in. This is your opportunity to create high-impact engagement across your organization. Lead with quality.




OPENING WELCOME KEYNOTE 1              Marketing with Outcomes Data With Michelle Collie, PT, CEO, Performance

PT GENERAL SESSION                                     Transforming a Practice with Outcomes; Importance of Standardization With Phil Moe, PT, Therapy Services Manager, Avera and Doug Cundiff, MPT, MPH

GENERAL SESSION                                           All Measurement is Not Created Equal Part 1 of 3: The Patient-reported Outcome Measure (PROM) With Karon Cook, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Dpt. of Medical Sciences, Northwestern University

NETWORKING BREAK                                    Meet Our Sponsors and FOTO Teams


TRACK 1 | SCIENCE & RESEARCH               All Measurement is Not Created Equal Part 2 of 3: Taking Patient Differences into Account (Case Mix Adjustment) With Deanna Hayes, PT, DPT, MS; FOTO Director of Research

TRACK 2 | OUTCOMES IN ACTION            Chronicity Matters – Why it is Vital to Treat Patients Early With Travis Barefoot, PT, DPT, OCS, PT Solutions BARBECUE LUNCH


TRACK 1 | SCIENCE & RESEARCH               All Measurement is Not Created Equal part 3 of 3: Performance Measurement With Daniel Deutscher

TRACK 2 | OUTCOMES IN ACTION            Using Outcome Data to Drive Improvement Within Your Practice and Across the Profession With Zachary Walston, PT, DPT, OCS, PT National Director of Quality and Research, PT Solutions

GENERAL SESSION                                           Trials and Success of an Outcomes Implementation Program for Staff and 3:1 Student Model With Ryan Buus, PT, DPT, OCS & Katie Traver, PT, DPT, ATC, Mayo Clinic

GENERAL SESSION                                           Clinician Education Program or Re-training to Maximize Company Buy-in/Utilization – Using Tableau With Rob Shapiro Professional PT, Director of Clinical Excellence & Owen Lennon, PT, DPT, OCS, Regional Clinical Excellence Director

NETWORKING BREAK                                    Meet Our Sponsors and FOTO Teams

FUN RUN                                                             Meet Under the Sun Sphere

10.25 FRIDAY



GENERAL SESSION                             Reporting Outcomes Within Employer-Sponsored Health Clinics With Daniel Lord, DC, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health

GENERAL SESSION                             Why Outcomes Data Matters to a Rehab Billing Specialist With Scott Cavitt, Owner, Rehab Billing Specialist

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October 23, 2019
October 25, 2019


Knoxville Convention Center