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Chiropractic Management of Symphysis Pubis Shear

The Study: Chiropractic management of symphysis pubis shear dysfunction in a patient with overactive bladder. 

The Facts: 

a. A patient suffered from overactive bladder.

b. She could only sleep for two hours at a time due to this condition.

c. Examination revealed “pubic symphysis shear dysfunction”.

d. The patient received drop table manipulation to reduce the problem.

e. After 8 treatments over one month the patient’s sleep times were up to 7 hours.

f. Dr. Cooperstein then offers a discussion of why the chiropractic care may have been helpful in this case.

Take Home: In this particular case it appears that chiropractic care was quite helpful in a case of over active bladder and allowed for a much longer period of sleep. As there are a lot of patients who suffer from this condition this area seems ripe for further research. There is also a fairly lengthy discussion of why the improvement may have occurred which is a very important part of this article and although it is too long for this review it is certainly of interest. 

Reviewer’s Comments: Well first of all let me just say that Bill Ruch, DC, long time professor of Anatomy at Life College West, has been bending my ear for a long time about what he feels is the under discussed area of pubic symphysis shear and dysfunction. Also in full disclosure, Bill gave me an acknowledgement in his article on the radiographic analysis of pubic symphysis misalignment that was used as one of the references in this article. This article goes along with my line of thinking that whenever we have structural misalignment then we have the potential for problems. Cooperstein has proceeded to discuss this issue in an individual case report and in view of his results it seems that more extensive studies would be in order. I hope that such studies will be forthcoming and that we have the opportunity to report on them is Science in Brief.

Reviewer: Roger Coleman DC

Editor’s Comments: I thought this was a great article, wish we had covered it earlier. Very informative and useful in your day to day practice in a way that few case studies are. I don’t normally urge our subscribers to read the full text (that’s our job), but the details of the adjustments given and the pictures included by the author were very explanatory. I have included the link to the full text below. Great job Drs. Cooperstein, Lisi, and Burd.

Editor: Mark R. Payne DC

Reference: Cooperstein R, Lisi A, Burd A. Chiropractic management of pubic symphysis shear dysfunction in a patient with overactive bladder. J Chiropr Med. 2014 Jun;13(2):81-9

Want to read more? Link to Abstract & Link to Full Text 

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