Anaerobic Performance Impact BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink

Looking at The Enhancing Effect of A Sports Performance Drink on Repeated Anaerobic Performance

Carbohydrate Free High Performance Sports Drink (BioSteel HPSD): Enhancing effect on repeated anaerobic performance

Henry Quach(2), Ajay Rampersad(1), Sandeep Soroya(2), Sarah Schweter(2), Stephanie Corea(2), and Mojgan Rezvani1(-2 1) Humber College, Fitness & Health Promotion & School of Health Sciences, (2) University of Guelph Humber, Department of Kinesiology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This study originally appeared on and is sponsored by BioSteel. 


Consumption of sugar-containing sports drinks has been associated with gastrointestinal discomfort, hypoglycemia, and type II diabetes. This study investigated the effect of BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink (HPSD), a sugar free blend of branched chain amino acids and electrolytes, on power output capacity.


A double blind cross over study was designed to carry out a modified Wingate Anaerobic Test (mWAnT) (4 bouts of 10sec loaded all out cycling followed by 20sec recovery per bout). Subjects (n=6, age 21±2.3 years, height 175.4±7.4cm, weight 79.2±14.6Kg) performed six mWAnT separately 48hrs apart [3 trials per treatment (E:5.0g/250ml HPSD or W:250ml distilled water)]. Drinks were provided 30min premWAnT.

Changes in blood markers: (Glucose, Ketone, Lactate, and Creatinine ) were analyzed pre- and post-mWAnT.


Mean and peak power were shown to be significantly higher (p ≤ 0.05) in experimental group (E:6.19 ± 0.30 W/Kg, W:5.66 ± 0.26 W/Kg; E:9.99 ± 1.13 W/Kg, W:7.52 ± 0.56 W/Kg, respectively) in 3rd bout of mWAnT. Minimum power was significantly maintained higher (p ≤ 0.05) in bout 4 for experimental group (E:4.11 ± 0.29 W/Kg, W:3.88 ± 0.28 W/Kg). Power drop and fatigue index were significantly higher (p ≤ 0.05) in experimental group (E:5.23 ± 1.11 W/Kg, W:2.94 ± 0.43 W/Kg; E:46.95 ± 5.28%, W: 36.75 ± 2.77%, respectively) in 3rd bout. Lactate production was significantly higher in experimental group (E:10.96 ± 0.22 mmol/L, W:9.66 ± 0.69 mmol/L).


Data suggests carbohydrate free BioSteel HPSD enhances performance through a higher peak power production and delaying fatigue. BioSteel HPSD does not affect the efficiency of alactic system (ATPPC), limited energy stores for first 10sec of skeletal muscle contractions. The enhancing effect of BioSteel HPSD may be attributed to a more efficient use of lactic anaerobic energy system (anaerobic glycolysis) allowing continuation of muscular power production for a maximum of 2 min.

The entire BioSteel performance line for your athletic patient base.

The entire BioSteel performance line for your athletic patient base.

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