Sue Falsone Structure and Function 2019 Dry Needling Course Schedule

Structure & Function Dry Needling (SFDN) is a system of dry needling developed by Sue Falsone utilizing her vast experience with rehabilitation and performance of the professional athlete. SFDN incorporates Sue’s knowledge from decades of education in dry needling, pain management, differential diagnosis, fascial manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, visceral manipulation, and movement efficiency and skill. Over the years, Sue has worked …

Sue Falsone PT

Sue Falsone

PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, first female head athletic trainer in any of the four major sports in the US

From Pre-Med to Chiropractic: How One DC Found Her Career

Jocelyn Faydenko initially began college as a pre-med major. A professor of hers said, “While all of you are starting out as pre-med majors, only a few of you will pursue medical school.” And sure enough, that statement held true for Jocelyn. During her brief time as a pre-med student, Jocelyn shadowed a DO whom she admired and discovered that …

Sherry McAllister

Dr. Sherry McAllister

DC, M.S. (Ed) CCSP, Executive Vice President for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Dr. Fab Webinar Recap

Webinar Recap: Dr. Fab Mancini’s “How To Get New Patients With Little Effort”

On Thursday, November 17, we were delighted to host a webinar alongside the world renowned chiropractor and DC Aligned Educational Advisory Board member Dr. Fab Mancini! You might know him as FOX News’ Healthy Living Expert, Hay House’s bestselling author and host of a popular radio show, but to us, he’s simply Dr. Fab – a loyal supporter of what we …

Dr. Fab Mancini

Dr. Fab Mancini

FOX News’s Healthy Living Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor, Hay House’s best selling author, and host of a popular radio show.

Screenshot of Fox 5 DC Interview

Dr. Jay Greenstein discusses cervical artery dissection research & the death of Katie May

DC Aligned Educational Advisory Board member and Editorial contributor Dr. Jay Greenstein sat down with Fox 5 DC to discuss the recent tragic death of model Katie May and the research around vertebral artery dissection and the chiropractic adjustment. Watch this video to see the interview in full:  

Dr Jay Greenstein Chiropractor DC

Dr. Jay Greenstein

Doctor of Chiropractic, CEO, Sport and Spine Rehab & Founder and President of the Sport and Spine Rehab Clinical Research Foundation.

Vitamin D for Athletes and Muscle Recovery

Shared: Elite Athletes Try a New Training Tactic – More Vitamin D

WSJ’s Rachel Bachman and University of Virginia director of sports nutrition Randy Bird explain why studies of professional and college teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, suggest there may be an advantage in making vitamin D intake a priority for athletes.

Dr. Joe Horrigan

Dr. Joe Horrigan

DACBSP, President and Board Member of the ACBSP, Co-author of The Seven-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution & Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Hockey

Dr Fabrizio Mancini Chiropractor New Book

A Message from Dr. Fabrizio Mancini – Do You Want to Build Your Patient Base? Watch This!

Dr. Fab Mancini’s newest book is not only a revelation in health and wellness, but also a tool for you to grow your existing patient base – click inside to view more!

Dr. Fab Mancini

Dr. Fab Mancini

FOX News’s Healthy Living Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor, Hay House’s best selling author, and host of a popular radio show.