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Improving Movement Accuracy with Barefoot Science

In the article below, Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal describes several concepts including movement accuracy, impact forces and relevant exercises. If your patients complain of persistent foot pain, feel free to share this article with them as well as others interested in learning more about the topic.  For a dancer, athlete, surgeon or pilot – precision of movement is crucial to the success of their career. …

Emily Splichal, MD

Dr. Emily Splichal

Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist

Book of the Month: From Best Selling Author and Pregnancy Expert Jennifer Floreani, DC

Do you ever find yourself struggling to answer questions about pregnancy, childbirth, fertility and parenting from your patients? Read Dr. Jennifer Floreani’s best-selling book Well Adjusted Babies and utilize the information as a way to help you and your patients. Doctor Jennifer Barham-Floreani is a published authority on pediatric health and holistic parenting and an International speaker. Highly regarded and …

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Asking a patient whether or not they smoke is a standard assessment for most healthcare providers. Smoking history is an important indicator of cardiovascular health and life expectancy. But do you ask patients how much they sit? It turns out our sedentary practices, due mostly to the increased use of technology, have many of the same negative consequences as more …

Lori Harrison

Boxout Corporate Fitness Manager

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Sombra: Profit-Boosting Natural Pain Relief in a Bottle

Though we all see patients who understand the value of chiropractic for prevention and overall health, the majority still walk through our doors because they’re in pain. Whether they’ve battled a chronic condition or suffered a recent injury, quickly offering some pain relief is an important step to helping them commit to your treatment plan and to you as a …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast