Are Female Athletes At A Higher Risk for Concussions?

Are Female Athletes At Greater Risk of Suffering Concussions?

Female athletes appear to have an even higher concussion rate in the same sport as their male counterparts – Dr. Joe Horrigan discusses one of the hottest topics in health and wellness today.

Dr. Joe Horrigan

Dr. Joe Horrigan

DACBSP, President and Board Member of the ACBSP, Co-author of The Seven-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution & Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for Hockey

Alan Sokoloff Sports Chiropractic Advice

What You Say Can Hurt You: Advice for New Chiropractors

Dr. Alan Sokoloff has enjoyed success as a team chiropractor for the NFL Ravens and is now sharing advice for others interested in filling the team doctor role.

Dr Alan Sokoloff Chiropractor Baltimore Ravens

Dr. Alan Sokoloff

Doctor of Chiropractic, DACBSP, Diplomat of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Ravens, POWERplay in Sports executive board member.