Live it – From Adjusting Techniques to Taking your own Advice

More and more teams are using chiropractic to help their athletes return to play. See the recent article below. Tough to find someone other than a chiropractor who specializes in reducing a subluxated ribhead or “pain under his ribs”…it’s our jam! And there are obviously many ways to approach the adjustment. But I’ve found after almost 30 years working with …

Dr. Tim Brown

Dr. Tim Brown

Co-Medical Director for the World Surf League (formerly the ASP)

Education, Healthcare and Compassion go hand in hand to help change the world

Dreamweaver International’s Gear for Goals Program Gear for Goals is a unique program designed to align the need for sport and equipment with the children who require the most attention and resource. Our efforts are directed through community locally to gather new and gently used sports equipment from youth, families, sports organizations, schools, teams, and professional organizations. Our needs for …

Dr Warren Bruhl Chiropractor Gear for Goals

Dr. Warren Bruhl

Doctor of Chiropractic, D.I.C.C.P., author, non-profit advocate for Dreamweaver International and Gear for Goals