Recorded Webinar – The latest concepts in Pain, a Free Webinar presented by Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi

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Date: Tuesday, May 29th at 2:30pm EST

Cost: FREE

Title: International Speaker and Pain Expert Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi discusses the latest concepts in Pain and how to address Pain with your patients

Presented by: Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, MD, Healthy Directions

Dr. Pergolizzi, Jr., MD, studies the causes and best treatments for acute and chronic pain. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals, has authored book chapters on pain, and speaks extensively on the subject. He is a co-founder of NEMA Research, Inc., in Naples, Fla. 

In this webinar, Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi will discuss how the body perceives Pain, the latest concepts in Pain, how to address Pain with your patients, and how OxyRub PRO Pain Relief Cream works to relieve joint and muscle pain, right at the source.

Dr. Pergolizzi’s writings and information about his products can be found at

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