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The Whole Body Vibration Therapy Device Recommended by Chiropractors

Next Generation Vibration Therapy For experienced chiropractors, finding a high-quality device to complement their patients’ adjustments can be a game changer. Enter the Rapid Release Pro2.  Invented by chiropractor Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, the Pro2 provides targeted, high-speed vibration therapy by combining a short stroke with high frequency to deliver effective relief for minor aches and pains.  How the Rapid Release …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Online CEs – Bulletproof Back: From Pain to Performance

          Bulletproof Back: From Pain to Performance LESSON PLAN This webinar with Tony Mikla, DPT will provide you with evaluation strategies to determine the nature and stage of low back pain conditions. You will learn new, innovative ways to treat and train low back pain patients to progress them from the treatment table to functional movement. …

Dr. Tony Mikla


Visit Our Booth at Parker Seminars

Are you headed to Parker Seminars in Las Vegas next month? Make sure to stop by the MeyerDC booth #635! We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Calvin from Rapid Release and Patti from Posture Pro to offer exclusive demos of their cutting-edge products. Visit our MeyerDC team to learn more about how you can incorporate high-quality …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Early X-Ray Technology Use in Chiropractic

2020: 125 Years of Chiropractic It’s official! Chiropractic medicine marks its 125th anniversary this year! Each month we’ll look at the many chiropractic products, innovations, and milestones throughout the decades. Last month, we looked at the founding of chiropractic in 1895. This month we turn our attention to key highlights from 1900–1910! The First Chiropractic Use of X-Rays With the …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Online CE’s- An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor

An Introduction to the Pelvic Floor LESSON PLAN In this lesson plan, Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka “The Movement Maestro,” introduces you to the functions of the pelvic floor. Despite its role as an integral part of the core, the pelvic floor has typically been overlooked and left for obstetricians and gynecologists. With physical therapists, strength coaches, and other movement …

Dr. C. Shanté Cofield


Online CE’s- Common Injuries in Triathletes: Diagnosis and Treatment

Common Injuries in Triathletes: Diagnosis and Treatment LESSON PLAN In this lesson plan, sports medicine doctor Naomi Albertson, MD outlines the causes of the most common injuries in triathletes and how to diagnose and treat them. The most commonly diagnosed injuries include cervical radiculopathy, shoulder impingement/bursitis/tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. Dr. Naomi Albertson shares practical …

Top 5 Posts of 2019

2019 has been an exciting year at DC Aligned! From addressing painful Achilles and patellar tendinopathies to billing and coding strategies, we’ve covered it all! Here are our top five posts of 2019! Billing & Coding Strategies to Improve Reimbursement Question: “Dr. Kotlar, my recordkeeping, coding and collection systems are outdated. I’ve been documenting the same way for the last …

ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis: How It Works

Want to learn how the ActivaPatch for Iontophoresis works? Check out this how-to article explaining the steps involved in using this device.  PULL TAB Gently apply your thumb to the battery case and remove the pull tab. This activates the patch. You’ll notice the LED flash sequence, one flash every 4 seconds, will begin. HYDRATE THE PATCH ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5 …

Rachel Ford

Content Writer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

The History of Silver Supplements

Why should you be recommending silver supplements? Watch the video below for more info . . .  The health benefits of silver have been widely studied for thousands of years, and the effectiveness of its contemporary use for immune support and topical healing applications has been significantly substantiated.*While the Ancients did not know the chemical and biological mechanisms of how …

Improving Patient’s Holiday Diet

The Super Greens Solution to Increase Your Patients’ Fruits & Veggies Intake Helping patients get their daily recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables is a challenge for every healthcare professional. According to a 2009 survey, on average most adults only eat 1.6 servings a day, with children eating even less. Dr. Don Hayes, D.C., from Greens FIRST …

Dr. Donald L. Hayes

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