Protect Your Practice from Inducement Violations Ray Foxworth

Protecting Your Practice from Inducement Violations and Other Costly Mistakes

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]“Mistakes are costly and somebody must pay. The time to correct a mistake is before it is made. The causes of mistakes are, first, I didn’t know; second, I didn’t think; third, I didn’t care.” — Henry H. Buckley

We don’t know what we don’t know until we know. Confusing? The bottom line is that as doctors and business owners we have to navigate endless rules and regulations surrounding healthcare and it can be confusing. Often times, we don’t know the rules, until someone educates us.  If you are like me, you attend conferences each year where we are cautioned against inducement violations, improper time of service discounts, improper coding and dual fees. We hear of varying degrees of the threats that are looming that can affect our licenses and our businesses.  Most of us feel far removed from these threats and think, “That won’t happen to me.”

A DC in California recently got slammed with over $700,000 in fines after a recent OIG Audit. The consequences of not knowing, in his case, were high! It’s tempting to think that this is an anomaly. The reality is that it could happen to any one of us. Every day chiropractic offices are receiving inquiries from insurance companies and Medicare. Unusual? Not at all, but what could be a request for routine records could end up as a big threat to your practice. The story of the ‘Trojan Horse” comes to mind!  From what we understand, the DC in California received an inquiry from Medicare and he and his staff didn’t pay much attention to it. If you receive a letter of inquiry, take it seriously. Furnish the requested documentation and more importantly make sure you have the documentation in place to furnish.

We must educate ourselves and our staff to be aware of ever changing rules and regulations and to recognize and report compliance issues immediately. Arm your practice against audits, where a single “Costly Mistake” may very well put you out of business.  Compliance is an ongoing process. Start today by signing up your team for one of our webinars and begin building the armor that will protect you and your practice. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here.

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