Stephen Duma Concussion Research

Concussion Research Discussion: Dr. Jay Greenstein & Stephen Duma

Dr. Jay Greenstein is the CEO of Sport & Spine Rehab, President of the SSR Clinical Research Foundation and a DC Aligned Editorial Contributer – click here to learn more about Dr. Greenstein. 

With the rise in concussion awareness in the US, there is also a rise in concussion research and information. Some of that information is good, some is bad, much is evidence based and even that information can be conflicting! We know that helmets were originally designed to prevent skull fractures, not prevent concussions. However, is there a difference in helmet design and manufacturing that can actually reduce the risk of concussion, with g-forces and head/neck acceleration being equal? I had to find a answer to this question!

My good friends, Dr. Alan Sokoloff (DC for the Baltimore Ravens) and Dr. Spencer Baron (Past DC for the Miami Dolphins) and my business partners in POWERPlay in Sports (An educational and technology company designed to ensure DC’s are the thought leaders in their community related to youth sports), have debated this issue many times. I had to have an answer, so I went to the leading national expert, Dr. Stephan Duma, PhD at the Virginia Tech University, Chair of the Virginia Tech / Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, for the answers. Watch my video above to hear our conversation with Dr. Duma, who is leading the way in concussion research in sport (and the military!).

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