How to Equip Your Practice with PPE & Home Delivery Services

Now more than ever, it’s important that your practice is in front of patients. 2020 was an unprecedented year filled with a variety of challenges—many of which have continued into the new year. Some patients may have hesitation coming into your office for their appointment, and some may want products to continue their treatment at home. Whatever the reason, it’s crucial that you continue to pivot to meet your patients’ needs—whether that be in person or virtually.

Let’s explore your options for shopping PPE for your practice as well as our Home Delivery Program to continue serving patients outside of the office. 

Protect Your Practice

Since the start, we have carried high-quality PPE that is available for immediate shipment, and that continues into 2021. From masks and gloves to hand sanitizer and disinfectants, we source the products you need to continue operations at your practice. It’s important to keep stock of PPE essentials to ensure you are prepared for whatever may happen as we continue to navigate this global pandemic. 

Waiting Room Essentials

Traffic in your waiting room may be a continued concern for your patients and staff. Whether you ask patients to call before entering or limit the number of seats available, there are a variety of products to consider adding to your space to help protect all who find themselves in the vicinity of the waiting room. 

  1. Sneeze Guards: We carry the BodyMed® Sneeze Guard, which is customizable with or without a backer transaction window and ideal for reception desks. 
  2. Hand Santizer: BodyMed® Hand Sanitizer is formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol. It is a quick-drying gel that contains Aloe to refresh and calm the skin. 
  3. Hand Sanitizer Stands: Pedal Activated Hand Sanitizer Stands provide a touch-free way to provide patients with hand sanitizer. These hands-free, foot operated sanitizing stations work with most hand sanitizer pump bottles and can be placed at high-traffic areas, like the reception desk and front door. 

Treatment Room Essentials 

Cleaning protocols are essential regardless of the circumstances. Prep treatment rooms prior to patients arriving and after they leave with our selection of cleaning supplies. We carry a variety of cleaning and PPE essentials that you can rely on to help prevent contamination during chiropractic treatments. 

  1. Wipes: There are three different types available at MeyerDC: disinfectant, sanitizing, and cleaning. Each wipe serves a different purpose based on the surface they are being used. 
  2. Masks: From disposable 3-ply masks to KN95s, we carry the single-use masks you need to ensure patients are protected during their appointment. Many of our masks are available in case sizes so that you can save more by buying more. 
  3. Headrest Paper: In addition to PPE, we continue to carry a wide selection of durable table and headrest paper suitable for all treatment tables. 

Home Delivery Program 

Ensure business continuity and expand your reach to patients with our Home Delivery Program. With over 45,000 products available, we can help you reach your patients’ demands for products to use in between visits to your practice. We will ship products to your patients on your behalf, which will save you inventory space and time! From foam rollers and balance discs to kinesiology tape and fitness balls, we have the products your patients need to focus on total body wellness in the new year.

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