Cheerful doctor

Four Ways to Encourage Your Patients in ’17

Doctor and patientWe all need a little encouragement from time to time and as we enter a brand new year, it might be time to reflect on how to better keep your patients motivated. After all, they are coming to you to improve their lives and their health. They are investing their time, energy and money – three of their most treasured resources. Getting them to stay motivated when times get tough might be the key to keep them returning.

We have provided four ways that allow you to further encourage your patients and keep them happy in the long run:

Set Small Goals
Everyone gets overwhelmed when there is a lot of work ahead of them. Be sure the patient knows the end goal for their progress, but also set smaller goals for each step of the way. Whether they are working on flexibility, balance, coordination, strength or rehabilitation, each milestone is equally important. Celebrating small achievements is always fun, even if it’s simply partaking in a high-five!

Show ‘Em You Care
Remembering one small thing about your patient, such as their profession, their favorite hobby or an upcoming event such as a child’s wedding or graduation, and asking about it when you have a chance will make a patient feel special. If you show effort in this instances, they will certainly appreciate it!

Outline Homework Clearly
When you send a patient home with suggested exercises, be certain they understand each step of the workout, its purpose and what to do if they have any questions. If they don’t understand the exercise or what they will get out of doing it, chances are, they won’t complete it properly, if at all. Always provide clear directions and expectations!

Be Vocal
If you know a patient could benefit from a specialized item, suggest an at-home product or two that might help them. Whether its a foam roller, resistance band or topical analgesic, they’ll likely respond to the referral and you will see an increase in revenue if you have the items in-stock. Also, if they ask a question about a product and you don’t have an answer, let them know you’ll do a little research before their next appointment.

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