Incentivizing Patient Retention

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, finding ways to help patients maintain their scheduled visits is a constant challenge. From differing policies to general uneasiness and uncertainty, patients have to overcome a variety of impediments just to make it into your office. What are good methods to incentivize patients into returning and keeping scheduled appointments?

Let’s look at a few ways to help increase patient retention during a pandemic and beyond.

1. Highly Visual PPE & Cleaning Protocols

You’re putting in the work to make sure your office is clean and safe for patients to visit. Make sure they understand your cleaning procedures and PPE-minded behavior during each visit. Plus, don’t skip reminders about patient personal protection equipment when scheduling visits and in reminder texts, emails, and calls for upcoming appointments. Patients are looking to you for their health and wellness, so knowing upfront that they are in good hands will put even the most nervous at ease. Patients need to know that their safety is your top priority for their next worry-free visit.

2. Special Discounts & Savings

Even when it’s not the start of the new year, offering patients some monetary incentive can go a long way. This can include free samples on must-have products like CBD when they come in for their visit. You can also offer a percentage off auxiliary treatment services when scheduled with their regular adjustment appointment. Upselling with a retailing product or service discount incentive may help ensure patients keep their next appointment. 

3. Recovery Devices At Home

This may seem counterintuitive, but recovery tools and devices at home may help boost patient retention. The key is making patients a key player in their improvement by building up self-management while at home.1 Rather than their treatment becoming a one-time stop in office, their recovery becomes a plan set by you that keeps them engaged in their treatment between visits. Patients engaged with their treatment between visits are more likely to stay on task, work towards meeting the protocols you set, and come in regularly for their planned appointments as they work toward a goal. Plus, offering the right tools from your office means patients know what they need and where to get it—allowing you to retail directly with your patients’ most needed essentials.

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1Cohen, Michael A. “Patient Self-Management Tools, from NBA Champions to Chiropractic Patients.” Chiropractic Economics, 18 Nov. 2019,

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