Kiio Your New Wireless Rehab Solution

If you prescribe rehab exercises, you know how time-intensive it is to accurately measure, store, and communicate objective, force-over-time data during patient exercise. And then you have to spend more time transferring that objective, patient compliance data into your EMR.

A new product has hit the market that will change the way you work. The Kiio Sensor and Kiio Solution incorporate on-board sensors for a variety of equipment, a CPU, and special electronics that calculate actual force, power, exercise pacing, and more.

Kiio will enable you to objectively measure precise muscle performance and provide real-time biofeedback training. The system is wireless, hand-portable and fully integrated with Kiio FLEX software. It automatically calculates complex muscle metrics, tracks progress over time, and generates comparative results including:

    • Bilateral comparisons/Limb symmetry
    • Coefficient of variance, force, power and work indices, and more
    • Creates an opportunity for more face time with patient
    • Data is easily exported into EMR and transmissible to payer or referring physician
    • Integrates with revolutionary hand therapy assessment device        

Power. With 50 samples per second and over 99% accuracy, results are continuously and instantly delivered wirelessly throughout an exercise, making quantitative metrics available in real time for each and every repetition. Objective data is automatically recorded and displayed against target effort and timing, assisting with proper effort and frequency for each exercise. Audio and visual alerts indicate when limits are exceeded, helping to ensure proper performance and safety.

Portability. The Kiio Sensor is approximately the size and weight of an average smartphone, and includes a rechargeable battery with greater than 6 hours of life per charge. In addition to allowing real-time transmittal of data to Kiio FLEX software, the Kiio Sensor can also store hundreds of hours of data, ready to be downloaded at a later time. The Kiio Sensor thus enables objective data collection virtually anywhere, anytime.

Versatility. The Kiio Sensor is a highly adaptable in-line device. The patented quick interchange system allows the Kiio Sensor to interconnect with almost any equipment. A short list of some products the Kiio Sensor can connect with includes:


Accessories being introduced with the Kiio roll-out include  the Kiio Wall Gym, Kiio Caddy, Kiio Cables – Quick interchange system, Kiio Accessories – handles, door anchor, leg/arm cuffs.

kiio Wall Caddy

For a demo or more info on Kiio,  please contact your MeyerDC Account Manager.

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