Chiropractic Care Sparks Interest in the Detox and Recovery Space

Chiropractic Care Sparks Interest in the Detox and Recovery Space

With 115 Americans dying each day from an opioid-related overdose, the time is NOW to raise heighted awareness about the benefits of safe, effective and drug-free care, including chiropractic, as a first-line approach to manage pain prior to utilization of prescription opioids.

A few months back, the Foundation connected with Bruce Hansbrough, DC, who is contracted to provide chiropractic services at Coastal Detox and Dream Center for Recovery. After sharing, “…probably at least half of the patients I care for expressed that they could not go to the next level of recovery without this type of care, especially when they are in the detox environment,” Dr. Hansbrough was gracious enough to put us in contact with one of Coastal Detox and Dream Center for Recovery’s founders and owners, Joseph O’Grady, to learn more about the risks associated with the misuse and abuse of opioids and the valuable role of doctors of chiropractic in detox and addiction treatment centers.


Before an individual with a substance abuse disorder can begin the full recovery process, they must enter a detox level of care to eliminate all drugs and alcohol from their bodies. One of the biggest issues that individuals who are addicted to drugs face during this time frame is leaving the facility against medical advice – they are often so consumed when using that the withdrawal is too much.

When a client first comes to Coastal Detox, therapy doesn’t begin right away. At this point, clinicians focus on the physical well-being of the individual, ensuring they are healthy and stable to move on to the next stage of recovery.

Doctors of chiropractic are first introduced at this point, and really help to facilitate the beginning stages of detox and recovery. Patients are agitated and uncomfortable, and spinal manipulation is one of the techniques that helps to bring comfort, increase endorphins and minimize cravings.

At Coastal Detox, there is an entire section of the facility dedicated to holistic care, with chiropractic care acting as the centerpiece.

When the client arrives to detox, he or she is first evaluated by Dr. Hansbrough, who then recommends additional chiropractic care, massage, sauna, etc. The value rating for holistic care during the detox phase averages between 9 and 10.

After five to seven days of detox, the patient is then transferred to Dream Center for Recovery, a rehabilitation facility that focuses on the mental aspect of the addiction.

Addiction masks another kind of problem, whether that is trauma, mental health, etc. A psychiatrist evaluates every patient and develops a care plan with tools to help overcome the substance abuse disorder.

Again, during this level of recovery, the doctor of chiropractic helps the patient to achieve and maintain focus, while simultaneously allowing the body to reset itself and work toward optimal wellness.

At the end of the day, chiropractic is not the only method of care offered to patients during detox and recovery, but its high patient satisfaction ratings in combination with proper nutrition, good sleep and around-the-clock care, enables patients to “sail through detox and recovery.”

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