Obstacle Course Training

Proper Preparation for Obstacle Course Training with Patients

Do some of your patients drag themselves into your office, tired, sore, and in physical pain, following a weekend of obstacle course racing? A popular fitness event for extreme thrill-seekers, obstacle courses have cropped up around the globe and are widely attended by participants of all ages. Even though these fun races are recreational, the obstacles included feature climbing walls, barbed wire crawls, rope climbs, and more. Dr. Joseph Horrigan, a DC Aligned Advisory Board member and Director of the Soft Tissue Center at DISC Sports & Spine Center, recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post entitled “Sure You’re Ready for That Obstacle Race? When Under-Preparation Meets Fatigue, Bad Things Happen” aimed directly at the Weekend Warrior crowd.

To your patients in pain or injured following any kind of extreme recreational activity, Dr. Horrigan’s article illuminates the need for chiropractors to reiterate training safety before and after an event. Read through Dr. Horrigan’s tips and make sure to ask your obstacle course training patients about hydration levels, fatigue, and fitness level (and capability) if you’re seeing negative effects from participation. Even though obstacle course races are meant to be fun and friendly to a wide range of fitness levels, there are important precautions your patients should take before traversing their first obstacles. Click to here to read Dr. Horrigan’s full article.

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