RockTape Movement Summit 2016

RockTape Movement Summit 2016 Recap

By Dr. Abby Kramer, DC

The 2016 Rocktape Movement Summit was an absolute hit! The weekend was jam-packed with the latest knowledge on fitness and function, clinical pearls, and of course lots of MOVING! The summit took place at Project Move based out of Littleton, CO. Project Move is a state-of-the-art innovative movement facility housing services such as: CrossFit, functional fitness training, yoga, sports performance, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Below I will outline the speakers and some of the great information that was covered!

Steve Capobianco DC RockTape Medical DirectorThe seminar kicked-off with Dr. Steve Capobianco, Medical Director of RockTape. Dr. Capo discussed how elasticity and control affect our abilities to move. He discussed how the fascial system teaches us that the whole body is connected and how as movement professionals we can use the system to find the root causes of pain and dysfunction. To learn more about this system, check out “Anatomy Trains,” by Thomas W. Meyers. Dr. Capo also talked about how the muscles and tendons act as “springs,” aiding our body in both fluid and efficient movement. Previously, we thought that most of our power and elasticity came from muscle contraction. However, new research is showing that much of our ability to facilitate powerful movement is through the elastic recoil of the tendons themselves. He also showed some exciting new diagnostic ultrasound imaging showing the effects of soft tissue mobilization (in this case with IASTM therapy) and how it instantly improved the ability of the fascial layers to glide in a much smoother fashion. Later on in the day, Dr. Capo introduced us to Rocktape’s newest therapeutic tool, Rock Blades! These IASTM tools were made especially for movement practitioners as an affordable and great quality tool to assist with soft tissue therapy. They come with 2 tools (1 stainless steel and 1 plastic), a bottle of Rock Rub for application, and wipes for cleaning. Grab yours today!

Dr. Eric Goodman taught us some great applications of Foundation Training. The basic concept of Foundation Training is to decompress the spine. The great thing about his methods is that they truly translate to any population. It helps athletes perform better, elderly patients be more stable, reduces pain, and increases stability. It also greatly helps retrain proper breathing technique. The technique combines deep breathing in different positions to challenge not only core and trunk stability, but to engage the entire body. We went through movements laying, hinging, standing, lunging, and even more difficult movements such as “the windmill.” It was a totally new way of looking at movement! I will say, the next day I was sore all over from these movements that seemed so simple! Check out Dr. Goodman’s new book, “True to Form” on how to use Foundation Training in your life and the life of you patients or clients.

Michol Dalcourt showed us the importance of total body integration and how crucial it is to train different systems of our bodies. He is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Motion, as well as the inventor of the ViPR. He started the day by asking if anyone had wrestled against a farmer, because farmers are some of the most functional movers out there! Why? Training variability! He spoke about the importance of doing movements that force us to control weight past our center of gravity and at different angles. This not only challenges strength in a new way, but also our neurology, increasing our ability to adapt. Michol also touched on the importance of training in different ways. Instead of only training for strength, stability, high intensity, or aerobic training, in order to be truly healthy, we need balance between all of them! Check out The Institute for Motion for more information and insight.

IMG_1009On Saturday we began the day with Amos Rendao who taught us how to fall! He is a professional parkour athlete and has designed APEX movement’s curriculum systems. He spoke about how the art of falling is something that we have lost and it is a very important skill that everyone should possess! Not everyone needs to do parkour, but everyone should know how to fall in a safe way. This is especially important in the elderly population, where falls are common. We spent a couple hours learning how to fall forward, sideways, backwards, and dive-roll. It was such a fun skill to practice and really brought falling to my awareness as well as it’s importance in our daily lives. Check out Amos’ stuff.

WodDoc RockTape Instructor Sports ChiropracticDr. Tim Simanski finished off the weekend and focused on the dynamics between strength and stability. I loved this talk as I focus on this with myself as well as my patients daily! He spoke about how just because we are strong, does not mean we are functional. A great application of this, as he demonstrated, was the activity of slacklining. He took the strongest athlete in the room and had him attempt to stand on a slackline, proving it to be very difficult! Just because an athlete, client, or patient can lift a bunch of weight, doesn’t mean they are balanced or functional! He taught us a few great exercises to incorporate that not only challenge strength, but also stability, that will get even the strongest of athletes challenged in a new way! To me, stable is the new strong! Dr. Simanski also has a killer blog and Instagram, check it out for great daily tips.

The movement summit is truly a not-to-miss event! I had a wonderful time learning and collaborating from some of the best and brightest minds in the business. Plus, Rocktape always throws a killer after-party….twister included! Don’t miss it in 2017!

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