Scoliosis & SI Joint Pain Effectively Treated with a Sacroiliac Belt

Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction results in inflammation of the SI joint and can be debilitating. Scoliosis can trigger sacroiliac dysfunction because the weight of the body is shifted to one side, stressing the pelvic joints. This is particularly common with adult scoliosis.

There are two major ligaments holding each SI together – the iliolumbar and sacroiliac ligaments. The iliolumbar ligament stretches from the top of the right and left iliac crest to its adjacent fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. The sacroiliac ligament stretches from the sacrum to its adjacent right and left iliac bones. It is the sacroiliac ligaments that become lax and allow the hypermobility that can be an underlying cause of SI joint pain.

The abnormal postural strain of scoliosis creates long term stresses on the sacroiliac joints and often is an underlying cause of low back pain in the adult scoliosis patient.

Severe and long-standing sacroiliac joint dysfunction can cause muscle deconditioning and atrophy throughout the body due to limitation of activities and exercise that cause low-back pain.

The Serola sacroiliac belt is used to reduce pain by stabilizing the hypermobile sacroiliac joint to help maintain reduction of the misalignment and keep the joint in place between treatments. The belt must be placed correctly just above the greater trochanters

The patient is instructed to keep the belt very tight by using the side pull tabs during the day, but releasing the tabs for use during sleep. Typical use pattern is 23 hours per day for 10 days. The belt is only removed for showering.

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