STOP Treating Medicare Patients If…

The Patient Got My Insurance Check. Now What?

It hurts when an insurance company doesn’t pay your bills. It hurts even more when a patient “suddenly disappears” because they got the insurance check and kept your money. Get proactive to ensure you get paid what you deserve.

On the initial visit, make sure the patient is made aware that insurance reimbursement checks and explanation of benefits (EOBs) will be arriving in the mail. Have the patient review and sign your financial policy. Make sure the patient understands the arrangement and agrees to pay any outstanding balances once the insurance company has received all your bills.

Here are a couple of other strategies to ensure payment that we discuss in our CA Boot Camps.

  1. Provide the patient with a few self-addressed stamped envelopes. Instruct the patient to mail the checks and EOBs as soon as possible. This is better than telling the patient to bring in the checks on the next visit.
  2. Have the patient sign a form that provides credit card authorization just in case the patient “suddenly disappears.” Check with your state association to see if you’re allowed to hold a credit card on file.

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STOP Treating Medicare Patients If . . .

  • STOPtreating Medicare if you are NOT submitting claims to Medicare.
  • STOPtreating Medicare patients if you are NOT enrolled in Medicare.
  • DO NOT tell patients . . . “just pay cash because we’re NOT IN MEDICARE.”
  • DO NOT confuse Non-Par with Opt-Out.
  • STOPtreating Medicare patients if you HAVE NOT billed Medicare in over 365 days.
  • If you want to treat Medicare patients, YOU MUST submit claims to Medicare.
  • If you do not want to submit Medicare claims, refer the patient to another DC that is enrolled in Medicare.

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