Chiropractic table

High-Quality Chiropractic Tables Make a Difference

Chiropractors have a job to help patients feel better. We all know when patients feel comfortable in a specific setting, they’ll most likely return for future visits and improving their overall health as time passes. Feeling comfortable at an office takes much more than a friendly receptionist and an encouraging bedside manner – comfort can come from much more tangible items, too, like tables and benches.

High-quality treatment tables should allow the doctor, who is performing the work, and the patient, who is receiving care, to be as comfortable as possible. It might sound obvious, but settling for a low-quality table can severely impact the health and happiness of your patients, not to mention your reputation. Knowing the difference between tables will help your staff discover which one(s) might best fit the needs of your patients. We’ve outlined four varieties below with the hopes of educating readers on their benefits.


hydrotherapy-tableHydrotherapy Tables
Hydrotherapy tables offer floatation, massage and heat qualities that promote relaxing, massaging and improves cellular nutrition.

This is an investment that will wash away stress and give your patients a reason to refer their friends.


traction-tableTraction Tables
These tables work to relieve pain during therapy treatments and keep patients stable during this time.

Traction systems are beneficial to patients who need to find a comfortable position in order to engage in stretching and exercises.



Hi Lo Tables
Hi Lo tables are easy to adjust and lock into place. They let patients be placed in the proper position with maximum results with minimal effort.

Special height adjustment abilities grant easy access to patients from anywhere around the table.


Massage Table


Massage Tables
Massage tables are available in both stationary or collapsible versions and all options provide proper access to patients without strain.

Ensuring pillows are available on-site will only make the experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

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