Utilizing Compression Therapy in Your Practice

As a non-drug alternative to medication, compression therapy provides chiropractors with an innovative treatment modality for soothing sore muscles and joints. By utilizing it as an adjunct therapy, chiropractors can take strides toward growing their practice and providing patients with new methods of recovery. 

What You Need to Know 

Compression therapy systems are designed with recovery in mind—increasing blood flow and circulation, reducing exercise-induced soreness, and improving range of motion. Additionally, this type of therapy could impact a variety of outcomes that may be associated with a patient’s recovery. By offering compression therapy in clinic, chiropractors can provide patients with a comprehensive approach to their health and wellness. 

Cases for Using Compression Therapy

According to an article by Rich Vach, editor-in-chief of Chiropractic Economics, “Compression devices are a great option for patients while waiting to see the doctor or to utilize post-adjustment. Sessions range from 10-30 minutes and can easily fit into existing patient flows. More and more chiropractic clinics of all kinds are implementing these types of complementary therapies. When implemented correctly, they can not only treat a wide variety of patients and needs, but help attract and retain new patients.”

As compression therapy gains more traction as an adjunct therapy method, it is being shown to help with a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Athletes, whose training can result in sore muscles and joints, have experienced reduced inflammation and increased flexibility from compression therapy. Even those with neurological conditions, like dysautonomia, see an improvement in symptoms after receiving compression therapy in clinic. By utilizing compression therapy, chiropractors can create a more integrated and innovative practice for their patients. 

Compression Therapy Products at MeyerDC

MeyerDC offers a selection of compression therapy devices that can be used to soothe sore muscles and joints. NormaTec is a leading name in pneumatic compression devices, offering a variety of systems for different parts of the body. 

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