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Sombra: Profit-Boosting Natural Pain Relief in a Bottle

ThougDoctor consulting with patienth we all see patients who understand the value of chiropractic for prevention and overall health, the majority still walk through our doors because they’re in pain. Whether they’ve battled a chronic condition or suffered a recent injury, quickly offering some pain relief is an important step to helping them commit to your treatment plan and to you as a practitioner. Incorporating topical analgesics into your practice gives patients a short reprieve from pain and a reminder of life before their current condition. This respite, though short term, also continues to build your credibility in the community as someone with solutions.

Though they seem like a miracle cure to most, many topical analgesics are actually a combination of ancient herbal remedies and modern science. Sombra, for example, is a unique, natural formula inspired by native tribes of northern Mexico. Way before the advent of oral pain relievers, these tribes used plant extracts to relive deep muscle and joint pain. The makers of Sombra incorporated active ingredients from modern medicine to make a refreshing natural gel.

“Sombra is a powerful and effective physiological adjunct to the chiropractic adjustment, hands down. It increases blood flow and flexibility while helping to reduce pain.”
-Dr. Andrew S. Bonci
Doctor of Chiropractic

Like most analgesics, Sombra works by overriding pain signals on their way to the brain. But Sombra is different, in that it offers both warming and cooling therapy options. This makes Sombra better able to target specific conditions.

Cool therapy

  • Good for acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred
  • Calms swelling and inflammation to alleviate acute painSampling of Sombra products
  • Provides a soothing cool without freezing or irritating the skin
  • Emits a nice lemon aroma

Warm therapy

  • Good for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains
  • Sooths pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis, bursitis and fibromyalgia
  • Helps to restore range of motion and improve circulation
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Has a nice orange scent

Compared to other analgesics, patients most often comment on Sombra’s smell. Its nice citrus scent almost doubles as aromatherapy, unlike the more medical smelling products that contain alcohol. I also like that I can use it at any point in the treatment because it’s not greasy and I don’t have to worry about it staining my patient’s clothing.

“As a sports medicine professional, I have worked with numerous warm and cool therapy products. Sombra seems to work best with our athletes when integrated into the pre-workout routine. Sombra is a great product for both our athletes and clinicians!”
-Jill Wosmek, MA, ATC
Women’s Head Athletic Trainer, USA Volleyball

Once patients experience the pain relieving power of topical analgesics in the office, they don’t want to leave without a bottle of their own. Sombra has a really nice price point and displays well in a variety of sizes. Whether you’ve retailed products for a long time, or you want to learn more, your MeyerDC rep can help you get started with Sombra and other analgesics.

“Our Elite Athletes and therapists count on the quick and consistent results of Sombra. Not only a wonderful tool for my practice, but also an excellent retail product.”
Dr. Tim Bain
Medical Director for Saddlebrook’s The Athlete’s Compound

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