The trucking industry, the demand for DOT Physicals AND the potential income…are all on the rise

The trucking industry is huge (4 times larger than air/rail/boat combined) and it’s getting BIGGER. It’s expected to grow thru 2026. This is our opportunity to grow OccMed with it.

From start to finish, America’s trucks make up an integral part of the supply chain.

You’ve probably seen big rigs and smaller trucks rolling down the highway. But from what I see, few people understand just how important the trucking industry is to our economy.

In short, trucks haul all the goods allowing modern society to function on all cylinders. An estimated 10.5 billion tons of freight per year is transported by trucks across every industry imaginable

Without trucks, all other industries remain at a virtual stand-still.

The problem is freight volumes are surging.

By 2027, the amount of freight delivered by trucks will jump another 27 percent.

But, as The Wall Street Journal reports, we’re facing “a nationwide truck shortage.” New truck drivers are lagging way behind the roaring freight market.

The American Trucking Association says a driver shortage has existed for the past 15 years.

By some estimates, the demand for truckers is now four times the supply.

Leading industry website recently stated that “the industry will need more than 96,000 new drivers annually for the next 10 years to keep pace with consumer spending.”

That’s almost 1,000,000 more drivers needed to move our economy forward.

Despite the current driver shortage, things are starting to pick up.

A recent study shows truck driver is “the most dominant job in 29 U.S. states.”

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a positive jobs outlook for the industry. Trucking is now growing at the fastest pace for the industry since 2015. And it’s expected to keep up the pace with a 6% annual growth rate well into 2026.


DOT and non-DOT Evaluations and Testing



 Beginning or advanced DOT?…this is for you

This ManageCo OccMed Course is sponsored by TeamCME. TeamCME is a Federation of Chiropractic Boards Provider of Approved Continuing Education (PACE). This course has been developed, distributed and presented by TeamCME in association with ManageCo. PACE providers issue Certificate for Chiropractic Continuing Education credits that are accepted by up to 28 State Licensing Boards. Prior to attending a PACE training program, attendees should verify that their state licensing board accepts PACE continuing education credits provided by a third party vendor in association with a PACE provider.

10 Reasons to do OccMed

  1. It can be done by any DC, in any state.
  2. It can be done in any town, whether big or small.
  3. It is all CASH. No insurance to deal with.
  4. It can be done for very little start up costs.
  5. Many of the services are mandated by the government. So companies must buy them.
  1. The number of Providers giving DOT physicals went from over 500,000 to under 50,000 last year due to the new certification. There is now 10x the work for each doctor.
  1. 90% of the work can be done by a trained assistant, and you don’t have be present.
  1. It is possible to make over $20,000 in one day.
  2. You can still do full time chiropractic work.
  3. You could do this work as a retirement, or if you were disabled and still make a 6 figure income.

Learn more about how YOU can see more patients by being a part of the DOT Evaluations.

In private practice for 20+ years and third generation Chiropractor, Dr. James Raker provides Occupational health for several companies.

Dr. Raker has the distinction of having reduced the recordable injuries of Lear Sieglar, Inc (a URS subsidiary with 1,100 employees) by 75% over 2 years.

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