Motion Palpation Institute Sports Summit 2015

2015 Motion Palpation Institute Sports Summit Review

On March 27th-29th The Motion Palpation Institute held its annual Spring Masters series conference, and this year featured a very special seminar. Leaders in many aspects of functional sports therapy were on hand to demonstrate and educate attendees on innovative and functional approaches to addressing sports injuries.

Chiropractor Dr. Jerad Bludorn lecturing at Sports SummitThe lecture format allowed for a myriad of interesting information from 8 instructors over 2 ½ days. I was lucky enough to be invited to present a portion of the lecture on Functional Approaches to Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization with the Fluid Motion Tools. I presented information on sports injuries, including incidences of injuries in sports, issues with sports specialization and education on the fascia/muscle injuries. I also presented 4 sports-related case studies that I had experienced in my own practice. The cases were a great way to help attendees understand a functional thought process of assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a Fluid Motion approach.

A summary of the seminar presenters

Dr. Steven Baer presented Friday night on MPI business insights from his many years of experience in practice and had many great tips on practice management in today’s day and age.

Dr. Mark King, President of Motion Palpation, opened the Saturday Conference with a great lecture on the insights of an MPI focused practice model (he’s also featured in the video below about the MPI).

Dr. Corey Campbell presented on the assessment and adjusting of the athletic patient with MPI principles.

Dr. Jason Hulme presented on the Functional Movement System/SFMA approach to clinical diagnosis of athletic injuries.

Dr. Tom Lotus presented a mechanical approach to diagnosis and treatment oft the athlete with end range loading of joint injuries.

Dr. Chris Barnes presented on sports therapy taping approaches including motion taping, rigid taping and combination taping to help athletes get back to competition and function at a high level.

Dr. Brett Winchester demonstrated Dynamic Neuro Stabilization techniques to assessing and treating athletes with a DNS approach.

Dr. Richard Ulms presentation addressed functional soft tissue assessment and treatment with myofascial release and dynamic stretching.

Motion Palpation InstituteWant to learn more about the Motion Palpation Institute? Click here for more seminar and treatment details.

At the conclusion of the Conference, all of the presenters treated a patient and demonstrated a dynamic assessment and treatment approach using all the techniques that were discussed over the weekend.

We addressed a chronic shoulder issue in an athlete that had a prior shoulder injury and suffered with his recovery over the last few years. The dynamic approaches meshed very well and the patient’s ROM and function improved. I felt very privileged to be apart of such a great conference as well as to be able to attend such a course.

Fluid Motion Soft Tissue ToolsThe Fluid Motion Soft tissue tools were a great addition to the Motion Palpation Course and our feedback was very inspiring. Over the course of the next few months I will be working on great tips for integrating functional soft tissue mobilization into practice in conjunction with my presentation on this course.

Look ahead to 2016 to attend the next Motion Palpation Institutes Masters series Sports Summit on April 2-3, 2016 in Chicago, IL. See you there!

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