Dr. Jay Greenstein Sports Chiropractor

DocTalk: Dr. John Pecora & Dr. Jay Greenstein

DocTalk – when two chiropractors get together on a Google Hangout and discuss the latest, including seminars, industry news, and everything related to health and wellness.

This DocTalk video features Strategic Education Director Dr. John Pecora and Dr. Jay Greenstein, one of the founding members of POWERPlay in Sports and Vice Chairman of the Clinical Compass Group. 

What’s included in this video? Dr. Jay’s recap of the latest FCA panel he was a part of, the upcoming PPiS seminar in Richmond, VA and why it’s important that chiropractors bridge the gap between sports information and coaches in the community. Want to give back to the chiropractic community? The Clinical Compass Group is working hard to establish guidelines that protect the industry – and they need your help. Read the latest guidelines on Low Back Pain or donate now!