Alan Sokoloff Palmer Recap

Palmer Sports Show Recap

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.27.36 AMI recently had the privilege and honor of going back to Palmer College of Chiropractic to be a featured presenter at the 2016 Dr. David D. Palmer Athletic Trust Sports and Chiropractic Symposium.  It had been 31 years since I was last there when I graduated.  I got the call from another former rugby player asking if I would present as part of a fund raiser for the college’s rugby team. Naturally, I said “yes”!  Then when I told him I have not been back to campus since I graduated, he asked “why?” and  I told him, “no one ever asked me.” 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.27.24 AMThe entire weekend was a success.  First, I have to thank MeyerDC for helping to make it all happen, taking care of details that made things easier for me as a presenter, and super easy for the attendees to benefit (in more ways than one).  I have to share a couple quick stories (no plug intended).  Usually for the sponsors / vendors who come to conferences, they sit behind a booth and hand out brochures.  MeyerDC took it a couple steps further.  They broke out the Vyper HyperIce foam roller which was used by many of the players (and attendees) at the conference before the game. But more importantly, they broke out the NormaTec Pulse Hip/Leg Recovery System.  This thing was the bomb…there were 2-3 of the women that used it during the seminar and on in particular that used it the evening prior to get ready for the game.  Good stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.27.15 AMI had the chance to see some former players that I had not seen since school or when I attempted to play in an Old Boys game or 2.  I also got to present with some of the big boys in our profession, a couple being former ruggers like Fred Schofield and Deed Harrison.  I had a chance to present to not only doctors coming for CEUs but students who deserve to know what it is like or can be like in the “real world”.  Unfortunately, some of the men’s team had to cut out early as they and the women both had rugby games on Saturday afternoon.  That truly was another highlight of the weekend.  That was the one bond that many of the alums had, playing rugby at one point or another while attending Palmer.   The sights and sounds of the games brought back a lot of memories… good memories.

The evening ended with a wonderful banquet for students, players and attendees, recognizing all the people that continue to support Palmer College through the rugby program.

If you missed it this year, the good news is, it will be back again next year; bigger and better.  I am already looking forward to the next Palmer Sports Show!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff

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